An Adventure Unlike No Other!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Aeros: Verses of Oceans Vol. 1 Topaz is on it's way! Y'all will soon be able to travel through the lands of Dragnai and traverse in a world full of wonder and adventure!

What to Expect

During the lengthy year of 2020, we have been hard at work on what the complete version of the book would be like. To be honest, we didn't really have the intention of having the full version released; it was originally supposed to be Part 2 and leave it to that; just another 10 chapters to read separate from the first 10 that y'all have already read. After some discussions between the two of us, we made the choice to re-release the whole thing. This means that we will be taking down Part 1 and release all 20 chapters as one book.

With that all said, this is prolly the path that we are going to take from now on. The different part path is going to get annoying to not just us but everyone else who wants to read a complete story and not a splintered version.

Our Plans For the Mostly Imagination Website

The Mostly Imagination website has been up for a HOOOOT minute. Currently there is only one person that manages it (Me, yer girl Ai). This means that as of right now, things will be moving at a kinda slow pace. There is still only two of us and we run EVERYTHING. That goes for the site, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram. We do technically have a Twitter account but it's not that active sadly; we are very well versed in Instagram and Facebook but not that realm ahaha.

How the Blog is Going to Work

The Blog is going to be an interesting addition to how we are going to manage things here. OBVIOUSLY if you have a membership to our site, you have access to the blog. This means you can check for any news on our projects or updates that may happen throughout the process of writing and drawing. Again, as stated before, there is only two of us that manage all of this. We want to create an active community of people that come together to talk and enjoy the adventure we have started. We hope to add others on here soon that will help manage everything alongside us. Hope to talk to you all soon!

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