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Kristina Dourif

Kristina Dourif is an American actress best known for being the sister of fellow actress Fiona Dourif and the daughter of renowned actor Brad Dourif. Born on March 12, 1976, Kristina is currently 48 years old. While her physical measurements are not publicly available, she is estimated to be 5 feet 6 inches (1.6 meters) tall and weighs around 60 kilograms (140 pounds). With her family’s background in the entertainment industry, it’s no surprise that Kristina has also pursued a career in acting. However, her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, which is quite impressive. Despite being in the public eye, Kristina maintains a low profile and a private personal life.

Who is Kristina Dourif?

Kristina Dourif is part of a family famous for acting in movies and shows. Her dad, Brad Dourif, is a well-known actor who has been in lots of movies. She also has a sister named Fiona Dourif, who acts too. Kristina was born on a sunny day, March 12, 1976, which means she has a birthday party every year when winter turns into spring. Just like her sister and dad, Kristina loves acting and enjoys doing other fun stuff.

She has hobbies like reading stories, making art, and playing outside. Kristina likes to keep some things private, so she doesn’t tell everyone everything about her life. She thinks having secrets, like a treasure chest that only she knows about, is essential. Kristina has a lot of friends and family who love her, and she spends her days doing things that make her happy.


Kristina Dourif
Date Of Birth
March 12, 1976
48 Years as of 2024
United States
Current Residence
United States

Early Life and Education

When Kristina Dourif was a little girl, she attended a school like you do! She learned to read, write, and do math. She also made lots of friends and played games during recess. The school helped her discover things she loves, like acting and art.

Kristina liked learning new things every day and always did her homework. Just like you, she had favourite subjects and ones that were a bit tricky. But she worked hard and had fun learning. Remember, going to school is a big adventure, just like it was for Kristina!

Parents and Siblings

Kristina Dourif has a unique family because they’re all into movies and acting! Her dad is Brad Dourif, who is famous for being in many movies. Imagine your dad being a movie star! That’s what it’s like for Kristina. Then, there’s her sister, Fiona Dourif.

Fiona is an actress just like their dad. So, acting is something their family loves to do together. It’s like if your whole family loved playing soccer or painting pictures. Kristina and Fiona probably had a lot of fun playing make-believe and acting out stories when they were kids, just like you do with your friends and siblings. Isn’t it cool to think about what it would be like to grow up in a family of actors?

Husband and Boyfriend

Kristina Dourif likes to keep her heart’s stories to herself. That means, when it comes to talking about a husband or boyfriend, she doesn’t share much. Just like in a fairy tale where the princess has secret adventures, Kristina’s adventures in love are her private tales.

Sometimes, adults choose not to tell everyone about who they are dating or if they are married because they like to have some parts of their life just for them. It’s like how you might have a secret friend in school that only you know about. So, if Kristina has someone special, she prefers to keep it a cosy secret, just like the hidden treasures you might keep in a small, locked diary.

Kristina Dourif Children

Kristina Dourif likes to keep parts of her life like a special secret, and this includes details about whether she has any children. Just like in a storybook, some pages are left for us to imagine what could be. If Kristina has little ones, she prefers to keep that part of her story just for her family, like a hidden chapter.

Kids are a big adventure; if Kristina is on this adventure, she’s keeping the map to herself. It’s like having a secret garden where only certain people know what’s growing inside. So, we don’t know if Kristina has kids, but if she does, she’s making sure their stories are safe and sound, away from the public eye.

Kristina Dourif Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Kristina Dourif is an adult born when the calendar showed March 12, 1976, At this time her age is 48 years olod as of 2024. That means every year, when March 12 comes around, she gets to celebrate her birthday with cake and candles! Think about how many candles would be on her cake now! Kristina is taller than many kids, standing about as tall as five rulers stacked end to end, which grown-ups say is 5 feet 6 inches. She weighs as much as about 60 sugar bags at the grocery store, but in grown-up talk, that’s 140 pounds.

When you look at Kristina, you might notice her smiling eyes and how she sometimes changes her hairstyle, just like how you might wear your hair differently for school or a fun day out. She looks like her sister and dad because they share the same family smile. Kristina dresses in comfortable clothes that let her do all her favourite hobbies, like reading and painting. Imagine wearing your favourite outfit that makes you feel good; that’s how Kristina dresses!

Kristina Dourif Before Fame

Before she became known, Kristina Dourif was just like any other kid. She loved playing pretend, imagining being in faraway lands or being different characters. Just like you enjoy playing with your friends at school or in your backyard, Kristina did, too.

She grew up with her family, learning many things to help her later in life. Imagine playing a game where you pretend to be someone else; that’s what Kristina loved doing. And guess what? Those games and her family helped her find her love for acting. Just like when you discover something you enjoy doing!

Kristina Dourif Career

Kristina Dourif likes acting just like her dad and sister. She has been in some shows and movies, pretending to be different people. Acting is like playing dress-up and make-believe for grown-ups, but they do it on TV or in movies. Kristina learns lines and practices a lot to be good at acting.

She works with other actors and directors to tell stories that make people happy, sad, or excited. Acting is one of the ways Kristina shares her talents with the world, just like when you share your drawings or stories with friends.

Estimating Kristina Dourif’s Net Worth: A Closer Look

Like her dad and sister, Kristina Dourif is good at acting. This has helped her earn money. When we talk about “net worth,” we mean how much she has after paying all her bills. People think Kristina has about $3 million. Imagine having a giant piggy bank filled with 3 million dollars!

She gets this money by acting and doing other jobs, too. It’s like when you save your allowance for something big. She has been keeping and working hard, so she has a lot of money in her piggy bank.

Kristina Dourif Influence on the Dourif Legacy

Kristina Dourif is part of a unique family that loves acting. She adds sparkle to her family’s story by being in movies and shows, just like her dad and sister. Her acting helps people know more about her family and how talented they are.

When Kristina acts, she shows that she learned a lot from her dad and sister. She helps keep her family’s performing magic alive. So, by doing what she loves, Kristina makes her family’s name even more special in movies and shows.

The Future for Kristina Dourif

Thinking about what comes next for Kristina Dourif is like imagining the next page in a storybook. We’re still determining what adventures she’ll have and what new hobbies she might discover. She may star in more movies or she mayfind joy in a new hobby we haven’t learned about yet.

Just like when you wonder about the next day at school or what you’ll be when you grow up, Kristina’s future is full of possibilities and surprises. It’s exciting to think about all the things she could do next!


  • Kristina Dourif enjoys a variety of activities in her free time. Here’s a look at some of her hobbies:
  • Reading Books: Kristina loves to dive into stories and learn new things from books. She enjoys both fiction and non-fiction.
  • Gardening: She finds joy in growing plants. Kristina likes to take care of flowers and vegetables in her garden.
  • Hiking: Exploring nature trails and walking in the woods are some of her favourite ways to stay active and appreciate the outdoors.
  • Painting: Kristina uses colours and brushes to express her creativity. She paints pictures of landscapes and sometimes even portraits.
  • Cooking: Trying out new recipes and making delicious meals for her family and friends is something Kristina loves doing.
  • Watching Movies: She enjoys watching movies, especially on weekends. Kristina likes all types of movies, from comedies to thrillers.
  • Playing with Pets: Kristina has a soft spot for animals. She loves spending time with her pets, playing with them, and caring for them.

Interesting Facts About Kristina Dourif 

  •  Kristina has a big family with actors in it. She is the daughter of Brad Dourif, who acts in movies, and the sister of Fiona Dourif, who also acts. 
  • She was born on March 12, 1976. This makes her part of the Pisces group, a sign of the zodiac. People say Pisces are kind and creative.
  • – Kristina loves doing fun things like reading, painting, and cooking. She also enjoys being outside, hiking, and caring for her garden.
  • She has pets and loves spending time with them. Playing and looking after animals make her happy.
  • Even though she is part of a famous family, Kristina likes to keep some things private, like how tall she is or how much she weighs.
  • Kristina finds joy in making meals for her friends and family. She likes trying new recipes. 
  • She thinks it’s important to stay active. That’s why she likes hiking and walking in nature. 
  • Painting lets her show her creative side. Kristina paints pictures of beautiful places and sometimes even people.


Do you have questions about Kristina Dourif? Let’s answer some in a super simple way!

Who is Kristina Dourif?

 She’s part of a family with some famous actors. Her dad acts in movies!

How old is she?

Kristina was born on March 12, 1976. At this time her age is 48 years old as of 2024.

Does Kristina like to do fun stuff?

Yes! She loves reading books, painting, cooking yummy food, and hiking. She also enjoys playing with her pets.

What does Kristina do for a living?

That’s a secret she hasn’t shared much about. But we know she’s got a lot of hobbies!

Remember, learning about people is cool, but everyone likes a little privacy, too.


In this story about Kristina Dourif, we learned a lot! We found out she loves doing many things like reading, painting, cooking, hiking, and playing with her pets. Kristina is part of a family of actors but also likes her unique hobbies. She keeps some things private, which is okay because everyone wants a little space for themselves.

Remember, it’s fun to learn about people, but respecting their privacy is also good. Kristina shows us that being creative, loving nature, and enjoying time with family and pets are fantastic ways to spend our days. Isn’t it cool how everyone has different things they like to do?

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