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Olivia Lapiedra

Olivia Lapiedra is a famous Spanish actress and model known for appearing in videos and web scenes. She was born on December 7, 1999, making her 24 years old. Standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighing around 110 pounds, Olivia has gained a huge fan following due to her talent and beauty. Coming from a family of performers, she was always drawn towards the entertainment industry. With her hard work and dedication, Olivia has achieved a considerable net worth at a young age.

Who is Olivia Lapiedra?

Olivia Lapiedra is a very talented person from Spain. She is an actress, meaning she plays roles in movies, TV shows, and the internet. People around the world know her for acting in videos and web scenes. She is also a model, meaning she poses for photos we often see in magazines or billboards. Olivia was born on a winter day, December 7, 1999.

She grew up in a beautiful Spanish city named Malaga. From a young age, Olivia loved acting and modeling. She worked hard and became famous because she was good at her job. Today, many people admire her for her skills and beauty.


Olivia Lapiedra
Actress & Model
Date of Birth
7 December 1999
Age (as 2024)
24 years old

Early Life and Family Background

Olivia Lapiedra was born in a Spanish city called Malaga. It’s a pretty place near the sea. Olivia has a date to celebrate her birthday, December 7, 1999. As a little girl, she liked to pretend and play dress-up. This love for acting led her to become an actress when she grew up. Olivia also loved watching her family perform.

Her family members were in show business, too! They sang, danced, and acted in different shows. Olivia learned a lot from them. Her family encouraged her to chase her dreams. They showed her that if you work hard, you can achieve anything. And that’s what Olivia did. She worked very hard and is now a famous actress and model.

Olivia Lapiedra Parents and Siblings

Olivia Lapiedra comes from a wonderful family who loves being in the spotlight, like her. Her mom and dad are also performers. They love to act, dance, and sing. It’s like a big party when they all perform together! Olivia also has brothers and sisters.

They enjoy spending time with each other and learning new things about acting and modeling. Just like Olivia, they also dream of being famous. In a family entire of performers, Olivia always has someone to practice with or get advice from. She loves her family very much and is happy to share her dreams.

Olivia Lapiedra Boyfriend

 Olivia is very private regarding her personal life. She does not share much about her love life with her fans. Right now, we are still unsure if Olivia has a boyfriend. She might be dating someone secretly or focusing on her career and not dating anyone at the moment.

Sometimes, people like to keep their love life away from the public to avoid unwanted attention. Celebrities need their personal space, too, just like us. We should respect Olivia’s privacy and support her in her career.

Olivia Lapiedra Age, Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Olivia Lapiedra is 24 years old, she was born on a particular day, December 7, 1999. Regarding how tall she is, Olivia stands at about 5 feet 4 inches high. She’s almost as tall as your kitchen counter! And she weighs about as much as two big bags of dog food, around 110 pounds.When you look at Olivia, you’ll see a beautiful lady. She has gorgeous hair that she styles in different ways. Sometimes it’s curly, sometimes it’s straight.

She also has sparkling eyes that shine brightly when she smiles. And, of course, being a model, Olivia knows how to dress up. She wears clothes that look nice and suit her well. She knows how to rock them all, from fancy dresses to cool jeans and T-shirts! Remember, everyone is beautiful in their way, just like Olivia Lapiedra. So always wear your best smile and let your beauty shine!

Olivia Lapiedra Before Fame

Before Olivia Lapiedra became a famous actress and model, she was a little girl with big dreams. She grew up in a Spanish city called Malaga, near the beautiful sea. Like any other kid, Olivia loved to play pretend games and dress up. Her family was very talented and loved to perform. They would sing, dance, and act in different shows.

Olivia would watch them and dream of being on stage one day. She was a quick learner and picked up a lot from her family. As she got older, her love for acting and modeling grew even more. She would practice in front of the mirror and dream of the day when she would become a star. Little did she know, her dreams would soon become a reality!

Olivia Lapiedra Career and Achievements

Olivia Lapiedra is excellent at acting and modeling. She started acting in videos, web scenes, and short online plays. People loved her acting, and she became famous. As a model, Olivia poses for pictures in beautiful clothes.

These pictures are seen in magazines and on giant boards in cities. She has also won awards for her fantastic acting skills. Olivia is very good at what she does, and many people admire her. This is why she’s a big star today!

Olivia Lapiedra Modeling Ventures

Olivia Lapiedra is not just a good actress; she’s a supermodel, too! She poses for photos you see in magazines and on giant city billboards. Olivia wears pretty clothes for her modeling photos.

She knows how to make the clothes look fantastic. People love seeing her pictures because she always looks so stylish and happy. Olivia loves being a model because she can try many different outfits and have fun at the photo shoots. She shows us that work can be fun if you enjoy what you do!

Olivia la piedra Net Worth

Guess what? Olivia Lapiedra has made a lot of money from acting and modeling. She’s done a super job and has earned a lot for someone her age. While her net worth is estimated to $4million. But it’s a significant number! This money helps Olivia live a good life. It also shows that when you work hard and do your best, you can earn a lot, just like Olivia!

Olivia Lapiedra Legacy and Impact

 Olivia is a fantastic actress and model. Her superb acting in videos and web scenes has made many people worldwide happy. When they watch Olivia, they get inspired to be just like her – hardworking and creative. She also shows us how to be stylish and confident by being a model. Olivia has taught us to follow our dreams, just like she did.

This is a vital lesson for all of us. Olivia has made a significant impact in the entertainment world by doing what she loves. She’s like a bright star in the sky, making the night beautiful and full of light. We can all learn from Olivia and try to make our impact in the world. It doesn’t have to be big, but it should be memorable, like Olivia’s!

Olivia Lapiedra Future Plans

Olivia Lapiedra has yet to tell us her exact plans. But she will continue doing what she loves – acting and modeling! Olivia might appear in more videos and web scenes. She may even work in a movie or TV show one day; 

Olivia might do more photo shoots and walk on the runway as a model. She might even become a fashion designer or start her clothing line! Olivia has lots of possibilities because she is talented and works hard. We can’t wait to see what amazing things she does in the future!


  • Did you know Olivia Lapiedra has fun hobbies just like you? Let’s learn more about what she likes to do in her free time:
  • Acting Practice: Even when she’s not working, Olivia loves to practice her acting skills. It’s like playing pretend all the time;
  • Fashion Fun: Olivia enjoys dressing up and trying new outfits. She might even design her clothes one day!
  • Reading: Like you might enjoy story time, Olivia loves reading books. Reading helps her learn new things and explore imaginary worlds.
  • Playing Music: Olivia enjoys Music and loves to dance. Sometimes, she might even play an instrument. It’s a fun way to make noise and create cool sounds!
  • Exploring Nature: Olivia loves to spend time outside, enjoying the sun, the birds, and the beautiful colors of Nature.
  • Travel: Olivia enjoys visiting new places and learning about different cultures. It’s like going on a big adventure!
  • Spending time with family and friends: Like you, Olivia loves to spend time with her loved ones. It’s always fun to play games and laugh together. Remember, hobbies are all about having fun and doing what you love, just like Olivia does!

Interesting Facts About Olivia Lapiedra 

  •  Did you know that Olivia’s birthplace, Malaga, is known for its sandy beaches and high-rise hotels.
  • Olivia is super talented! She can act, model, sing, and dance like her family.
  • Even though Olivia is a star, she’s just like you and me. She enjoys reading books, playing Music, and spending time with her family. 
  • Olivia loves fashion. Maybe she will design her clothes one day. 
  • – Olivia knows how to speak Spanish because she’s from Spain.
  • She might not be as tall as your dad, but Olivia is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
  • That’s almost as tall as your kitchen counter!
  • Olivia has fans from all over the world who admire her work. 
  • Even though Olivia is a famous actress, she also loves to play and have fun.
  • She proves that work can be fun if you love what you do! 
  • Olivia is a young star. Even though she’s only 24 years old, she’s already achieved so much! 
  • She might have a pet at home. Maybe a dog or a cat, just like you!


What is Olivia Lapiedra known for?

Olivia is a famous actress and model from Spain. She is popular for her work in videos and web scenes.

When was Olivia Lapiedra born?

Olivia was born on December 7, 1999.

Where is Olivia Lapiedra from?

Olivia is from Malaga, Spain.

What does Olivia Lapiedra like to do?

She is being an actress and model, she likely enjoys fashion, film, and creative arts.

Is Olivia Lapiedra still working in the entertainment industry?

Yes, Olivia is actively working in the entertainment field, and we can expect to see more from her in the future.


In conclusion, Olivia Lapiedra is an impressive actress and model from Spain. Born in Malaga, she has made a name for herself in videos and web scenes. With her talent and hard work, she continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry.

We look forward to seeing what exciting projects Olivia will do next. Remember, no matter who you are or where you’re from, you can achieve your dreams like Olivia Lapiedra. So, always keep trying and never give up!

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