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 Nurshath Dulal,

Nurshath Dulal was born on 15 May 2000, At this time her age is 23 years old as of 2023. She’s not only beautiful but also has a charming personality. She has achieved a lot in her career at such a young age and has become a role model for many. In this blog post, let’s learn more about her age, height, employment, weight, net worth, and other interesting facts.

Who is Nurshath Dulal?

Nurshath Dulal is a shining star from India! She’s an actress and a model, making people say “wow” with her fantastic acting in movies. She was born on May 15 2000, and although she’s still young, she’s done a lot!

With her beautiful looks and wonderful personality, Nurshath has become a favorite for many. Can you believe it? She’s proof that dreams come true if you work hard for them! Stay tuned to learn more cool stuff about Nurshath.


Nurshath Dulal
Actor and Model
Born (Date of Birth)
15 May 2000
23 Years

Early Life and Education

Nurshath Dulal was born on May 15 2000 in a lovely place in India. As a kid, she loved acting and modeling, often performing for her family. She was a bright student, too! She attended an excellent school where she learned a lot and made many friends.

Also, It’s incredible to think that even as a small child, she worked hard towards her dreams. Her early education helped her become the talented actress and model she is today!

Parents and Siblings

Nurshath Dulal comes from a sweet family in India. Her parents always saw a star in her and supported her dreams of becoming an actress. Also, They cheered her on in school plays and helped her learn lines for auditions.

She also has siblings who love and look up to her. They often watch her movies together, clapping and cheering when she appears on the screen. This tight-knit family has played a significant role in helping Nurshath achieve her dreams!

Husbands /Boyfriend

Are you curious about Nurshath Dulal’s love life? This shining star is very private and prefers to keep her relationships out of the spotlight. It’s unclear if she has someone special in her life right now.

Like many of us, Nurshath might focus on her dreams and goals. Also, And who knows, maybe one day she’ll share more about her personal life. But until then, let’s respect her privacy and continue to support her fantastic career!

 Nurshath Dulal Children’s

She was wondering if Nurshath Dulal has little ones. Also, Currently, our shining star does not have any children. Just like you, she was a kid with big dreams. Right now, she’s busy making those dreams come true and lighting up the big screen with her fantastic acting.

She might become a mom someday, but she’s now focusing on her exciting career. Remember, every star has its path and timing, and that’s perfectly okay!

 Nurshath Dulal Age, Weight, Physical Appearance

Our star, Nurshath Dulal, is truly a beauty! Born on May 15 2000, she’s still very young. We don’t know her age is 23 years old, but she’s full of energy and grace. Also, Her height is 5 feet 4 inches. Her Physical apperance is 34-22-33.

Also, Nurshath takes care of her body very well. She has a healthy weight is 54kg and loves to exercise. She has beautiful hair and sparkly eyes that shine on the big screen. And, of course, she has a lovely smile that can light up any room. Isn’t she amazing?

 Nurshath Dulal Career

Nurshath Dulal is not only a famous Indian actress but also a fabulous model. She has acted in many excellent movies that have been loved by people worldwide. She’s always working hard, learning lines, and practicing her serving.

Also, With every new role, she brings her character to life in an extraordinary way. And when she’s not acting, she’s modeling, striking a pose for the camera! From movies to photos, Nurshath is always shining bright!

 Nurshath Dulal Net Worth

Guess what, guys? All of Nurshath Dulal’s hard work has paid off! She’s earned quite a lot from her acting and modeling career. It’s like she’s found a treasure chest full of shiny gold coins! Her net worth is estimated to $170,000 USD, but it’s safe to say that it’s pretty high.

Also, She’s been in many movies and modeled for big brands, which helped her earn lots of money. But remember, Nurshath found this treasure chest. She worked hard for it, just like pirates sail the seas for their treasure!

 Nurshath Dulal Before Fame

Can you imagine Nurshath Dulal before she became a superstar? That’s right! She was once a regular girl, just like you and me. She was born on May 15 2000 and grew up in a loving family in India. Even as a young child, she was passionate about acting and modeling.

Also, She would put on little shows for her family, acting out scenes and striking poses. She even performed in school plays and was always the star! Nurshath was just a girl with big dreams and a lot of determination. Incredibly, the girl who once performed for her family is now a famous actress and model, right?

 Nurshath Dulal Legacy and Impacts

Wow, Nurshath Dulal is truly a superstar! Not only is she a talented actress and model, but she’s also a big inspiration for many people. How cool is that? Many young kids look up to her and want to be just like her when they grow up.

Also, They admire how she worked hard to make her dreams come true. That’s an excellent lesson for all of us. Nurshath shows us that we can achieve anything if we believe in ourselves and work hard. And just like her, we can shine bright, too! That’s a fantastic legacy and impact.

 Nurshath Dulal Wikipedia

Did you know Nurshath Dulal also has a Wikipedia page? It’s like a big book all about her! It’s where you can find lots of important information about her life and career. The Wikipedia page tells about her birth date, family, and schooling.

Also, It also talks about her acting and modeling journey. You can even find a list of movies she has acted in. It’s like a treasure chest filled with facts about Nurshath! So, if you want to know more about our shining star, head to Wikipedia. But remember, always be respectful and only read; don’t change anything!


Ready to know about Nurshath Dulal’s fun hobbies? Here we go!

  • Also, Nurshath loves to read! She often curls up with a good book. This helps her learn new words and ideas for her acting roles.
  • Our star is also a big fan of traveling. She loves to explore new places, meet different people, and learn about their cultures.
  • Also, Did you know that Nurshath likes to cook? She enjoys making tasty Indian dishes. Maybe she’ll share her favorite recipes someday!
  • Nurshath also wants to stay fit. She often exercises and plays sports. This helps her stay healthy and energetic for her acting and modeling jobs.
  • Also, Just like you, Nurshath loves to play video games, too. She finds it fun and relaxing. And, of course, Nurshath loves to spend time with her family and friends.
  • She often has movie nights with them, where they watch her films and other favorites. Isn’t Nurshath just like us?
  • Even though she’s a superstar, she enjoys simple things in life. It’s cool to see how our hobbies can make us happy, just like they do for Nurshath!

Favorite Things

Ready to discover some of Nurshath Dulal’s favorite things? Here are some fun facts you might not know about our superstar:

  • Favorite color: Nurshath loves pink! She often wears pink dresses and accessories.
  • Favorite food: She loves Indian cuisine, and her favorite dish is Biryani, a delicious rice dish.
  • Nurshath loves reading; her favorite book is ‘Harry Potter.’ She finds the magical world fascinating!
  • Favorite movie: Of course, Nurshath loves movies! Her favorite is ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,’ a famous Indian romantic movie.
  • Favorite place: Nurshath loves traveling, and her favorite place is Paris. She loves the beautiful city and its stunning architecture.
  • Favorite sport: She loves to play badminton. It helps her stay fit and active.
  • Favorite hobby: Besides acting and modeling, Nurshath loves cooking. She enjoys trying new recipes.
  • Favorite animal: Nurshath loves animals, and her favorite one is a puppy.
  • She finds them adorable and friendly! Isn’t it fun to learn about Nurshath’s favorite things? It shows that even though she’s a superstar, she enjoys the same things as we do!

 Nurshath Dulal Fun Facts

Alright, little readers, it’s time to learn some fun facts about our star, Nurshath Dulal! Did you know she’s a big fan of chocolate ice cream? Yep! She loves to have it as a special treat. Nurshath also loves dancing.

She often dances to her favorite songs to keep fit and have fun! And guess what? She also likes painting in her free time. It helps her relax and show her creative side. Even though she’s super busy, Nurshath always finds time to help others. She often participates in charity events. How cool is that? Now you know more about Nurshath, a superstar like us!


Has she got questions about Nurshath Dulal? Let’s answer some!

Yes, she is! Does she have any pets?

We’re not sure, but she loves puppies.

Does she like ice cream?

Yes, especially chocolate flavor.

Can she cook?

She loves making tasty dishes.

Is she a good dancer?

You bet she enjoys dancing to her favorite songs.

Is she kind?

Yes, she often helps others by joining charity events. Now, we know even more about our superstar, Nurshath Dulal!


Wasn’t that a fun journey learning about the fantastic Nurshath Dulal? She’s a real-life superstar, lighting up the big screen with her talent. She’s proof that dreams do come true with hard work and determination. But, just like you and me, she enjoys simple things like reading, cooking, and playing games.

What we learned from Nurshath is to always believe in our dreams, work hard for them, and have fun along the way. Who knows, you’ll be a superstar like Nurshath someday! So keep dreaming and shining, and remember that you’re special, like Nurshath Dulal.

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